Hi.  I’m Crystal. I have one child, two degrees, three tattoos, and more books than it’s worth the time to count. I like fresh air, stories, making things, and I have absolutely no problem inviting people over when my house is messy. Instead of sleeping or keeping my house clean, I write poetry and make art. I prefer to be barefoot, constantly crave Ethiopian food and whenever possible, I schedule my day around viewing the sunset.  I have lived in a van, traveled to Iceland, and I dream of one day having a backyard and an avocado tree. My son is four and we accept donations in the form of legos and freshly roasted coffee.

*If you want the slightly more formal, third person version that includes my literary and occupational qualifications, here it is:

Crystal (Reed) Hadidian grew up in Austin, Texas and migrated to California for a B.A. in English at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While there she won the Ina Coolbrith Memorial Prize in Poetry and was a finalist for the University of California Poet Laureate. At her graduation from UCSB in 2006, she was the student commencement speaker. After graduating, she worked for the Santa Barbara Writers Conference & the Santa Barbara Region Chamber of Commerce as Media & Public Relations Coordinator. Crystal won the 2010 Linda Hodge Bromberg Literary Award and she writes for TheArtofSimple.net. She now works for Resident360 and lives in San Diego with her four year old son.